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Sell Fast Real Estate & Auctions (S&F)is an emerging Namibian owned property company, established in 2004 with a global reach and a mission for excellence that offers a complete portfolio of real estate services which includes leasing, selling and auctioning residential as well as commercial properties.

Sell Fast Real Estate and Auctioneers, has earned that distinction through market understanding, commitment to excellence, and unparalleled client service is way how to dominate the market. Milestone – the team has sold over N$2 billion in sales over two decades of marketing and selling properties in both the residential and commercial space across Namibia.

The Namibian housing market, although buoyant, has in recent times been subdued by a slowdown in economic activity, and as a consequence creating a difficult operating environment for realtors. However, through innovative action plans and determination to succeed S&F through its resilient spirit persevered and managed to maintain further award-winning status within the industry.

“We joined the real estate sector to do work that matters, is meaningful, impactful and fundamentally, work that helps others to achieve homeownership dream.”
Uripi Kahorongo

With our new innovation desk with fresh ideas on the CMR, digitalization and incubator coffee magazine with fresh new content on new lifestyle magazine will be here soon to hit your space. MyHome independent magazine is a brain child of Sell Fast the realtors that hope to shapes new lifestyle and promote sustainable developments.

The team of experienced, NEAB-licensed agents provide personalized services tailored to each client’s real estate goals, complete with updated analyses of market trends to enable informed decisions. The Founder and managing agent , Uripi Kahorongo has consistently demonstrated outstanding performance, exceptional customer service, and ethical standards that are second to none. Her success has not gone unnoticed, as she has received several accolades, including the Sub-Sahara Africa Realtor Award in 2016.

Kahorongo’s approach to creating quality housing solutions for her clients is unique and inspiring. She is passionate about developing townships that provide affordable housing, and her latest endeavour has resulted in the development and sales of around 300 housing units within the destitute township of Otjomuise in Windhoek, contributing positively towards alleviating the tortuous housing crisis in Namibia.

Lauded by buyers and sellers alike, Sell Fast has been central to an array of Namibia’s most celebrated transactions, simultaneously breaking a myriad of records in the industry. Over the course, Kahorongo and her team at Sell Fast sold over 1000 units in volume of sales, making S& F one of the experts in negotiating and managing complex property transactions.

What sets S&F apart from other realtors is their unwavering commitment to providing personalized and tailored services to each client’s unique needs, which has earned us a reputation for exceptional customer service.

Under a steady hand of the Managing agent and Founder expertise in the real estate industry, Kahorongo has inspired and motivated other realtors in the field, making her a true leader and mentor. She has trained and mentored over 50 students within the real estate sector, some of whom have gone to set up their own firms and now actively compete with S&F.

“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave, is not training them and having them stay,” Kahorongo said.

Beyond S&F professional accomplishments, the firm is involved in various charitable organizations that align with the firm’s values. S&F committed to making a positive impact in the lives of others and are at the forefront of promoting sustainable goals.

As realtors we must engage , educate and re engage our people on market dynamics.

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When the going gets tough, the tough get a top broker Uripi to walk you through as “True leaders are self-leaders”

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