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Our expertise spans across several sectors including but not limited to office, industrial, retail and land. We also provide occupier and tenant advisory services for property users and lease advisory services for rent negotiation, lease structuring and valuations. We pride ourselves on having combined expertise experience in property valuation, management, marketing and interior design for over a considerable number of years which makes us one of the leading companies in our industry.

Leasing & Investment Services
Leasing & Investment Services

The Sell fast Investment and brokerage divisions
maintain an in-depth knowledge of the local market
that is unparalleled by local local competitors

Building Inspections Services
Building Inspections Services

We carry out building inspections to ascertain compliance
with building laws, standards, and specifications
as per municipal /local authority regulations

Facility Management Services
Facility Management Services

We offer Body Corporate and property management services
Our property management team is responsible for a large area of leased

Property Maintenance Services
Property Maintenance Services

We have professional maintenance team to care for all properties under our
management and supervision. We have contingency plans for all risks and
disaster related incidents in place .


Our company’s success lies in the ability of our team to work as an integrated unit to meet the needs of our clients through its core values. We use our values to set goals that are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


  1. Integrity
  2. Relevence
  3. Care Culture
  4. Team Work
  5. Communication
  6. Diligence

We offer international expertise, supported by a professional and committed team of qualifed agents , all of whom are registered and certiifed with the Namibian Esate Board as well as quaified associates within the Built- Environment.

The Agency is registered with FIC in order to implement controls aimed at mitigating Money Laundering, Terrorism financing and Proliferation Financing risks.

To be the most innovative, revolutionary real estate agency and market influencer in Namibia and beyond, by providing an integrated approach to the sustainable management of properties and rendering unmatched quality service, unique investment opportunities & superior products.

To provide excellent real estate and auctioneering services with quicker turnaround times, ensuring property ownership is not only a dream but a reality, thereby enhancing quality of life. 

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